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Spagnolo Blades

The Spagnolo blade system is unique to all Spagnolo pruning equipment. Spagnolo believes this is the most important aspect of the design that makes them the leading Pruning machines in the market place.
These Austrian made blades consist of the hardest wearing steel and are machined to Spagnolo specifications.

Each blade has fine serrated edge teeth that ensure clean cutting without tearing.

The Quick Change blade system: Easily replace or interchange blades by unscrewing two blade screws. Changing blades when necessary will ensure that you always get that ‘clean cut’.

The Spagnolo Standard Blade

The Spagnolo Elite Blade

Newly released in 2015, the Elite blade was designed by Fred Spagnolo.


This Elite blade has passed vigorous trials and has now been released and available for purchase.
The Spagnolo blade undergoes a final surface grinding process which involves machining delicately calculated groves into each individual blade to create the elite blade. This process takes time and is carried out by trained staff using a technologically advanced process in the Spagnolo workshop.

Whilst the standard blades will still suit a lot of vineyards and Orchards the Elite blade is definitely an improvement and due to the concave nature of the design, these new blades provide an incredibly cleaner cut and have been proven to last at least twice the life of the standard blades, saving money in blade costs and saving time in labour to change the blades.