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Hydraulic Power Packs

The linkage mounted Hydraulic Power Pack allows operation of all the functions of the Pruning machinery.

The Hydraulic power packs ensure adequate hydraulic flow capacity.

Spagnolo Hydraulic Power Packs allow ease of use and responsiveness to cutters and cylinder functions by the full electric over hydraulic controls of the power pack.

Spagnolo also custom make and fit a tool box, water tank and counter weights to the power pack.

  • Power Packs are easy to fit and remove
  • Counter weight bracket and weights available
  • 200 litre Hydraulic oil capacity
  • Two independent flows control oil supply to the cutters and front cylinders
  • One pump supplies power to the pruners
  • The second pump powers the cylinders
  • Complete electric over hydraulic controls
  • Durable powdercoated finish