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Spagnolo Engineering has provided high quality Australian made Agricultural equipment since its establishment in 1989.

Specialising in Mechanical Pruning Equipment the Spagnolo Mechanical Vineyard & Orchard Pruners are heavy-duty implements capable of operating under varied conditions. Mechanical pruning machines are used for pre-pruning, pruning and trimming of grapevines and orchards. Spagnolo Pruning machinery last the distance and comes complete with the Spagnolo promise to provide exceptional back up service.

Fantastic Spagnolo back up and service means pruning machinery down time is kept to a minimum. All Spagnolo vineyard and orchard rotary pruners operate at low Revs per minute (RPM), minimising the safety risks.

A Word From Fred Spagnolo​

For over 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing Agricultural equipment in Australia.

I started my General Engineering business as a sole operator back in 1989 on my Mum & Dads fruit property in Mildura. Like so many others who came from an Italian hard-working background, I knew what hard work was.

We are a family owned business. All team members are trade qualified and all our Engineers have achieved their apprenticeships with us.

I also manage our own Vineyard. I understand how labour-intensive Vineyard management is and the needs of Growers. It has been the grower requirements that motivates me to invent, improve and provide high quality equipment to the Viticulture industry.

I brainstorm an idea, but then the huge challenge is to design and manufacture it to work efficiently in the field. I thrive on the challenge. This is my passion and driving force.

Exporting into California with our product range, was a massive step for me, but I had faith in our product and the success came naturally. Californians have continued to be large investors in our products.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide the viticultural industry with true Australian made quality products.

Fred Spagnolo
Manager - Spagnolo Engineering