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SG Pruning Machine – Australia

The SG Mechanical Spur Pruning machine with full electric over hydraulic controls allows more responsive tilt, lift, side shift and top head cylinder operations.

Operators can accurately set machine to cut precise spur lengths.

Free spinning discs allow for operation of the pruning machine around posts and Vines.

International Patent Pending

International Patent Pending

The SG Whisker Trimmer Completes the Ultimate Clean Up

Harvester Mounted Pruning Machines

This harvester mounted model is for those growers seeking to utilize their harvesters more efficiently.

The SG Spur Pruning system has been designed to suit the S/P Harvesters tool bar carrier.

An Optional Remote mounted Video Camera and monitor system is also available.

Star Wheels

Star Wheels assist with the feeding of canes into the path of the blades.

They also act as a guide to roll around vine trunks and Posts.