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SG Pruner – International – U.S.A.

California - Lange Twins Family Winery and Vineyards

Before Pruning.
After Pruning.
"The Spagnolo SG pruner is a well-built, versatile machine, capable of cutting pruning costs by more than half."
Phillip Lange

California - Oakdale

“Hello, my name is Brock Boysen and we recently purchased a Spagnolo pre-pruner through William Majors. We have used it for one complete pruning season and have nothing but positive things for it. We would like to thank Fred and Will for their great customer support in setting up the machine and their continued support thereafter. The machine works great and is very user-friendly as well as low maintenance. With the use of the machine we have cut down on pruning costs and it has assisted with our labour shortage issues.”

Central California